The Gav-Yam Negev advanced technologies park, Israel’s most advanced center of research and development, began its activity in recent years, adjacent to the Ben Gurion University campus and the IDF C4i Branch campus, in Beer Sheva, with the objective of creating a new international arena for opportunities for scientific innovation and advanced technological developments in various fields, including advanced cyber technologies, machine learning, data science, AI, robotics, innovative compound materials, media, IoT, and various additional fields of research studied in Ben Gurion University’s advanced research centers.

“I believe there is one mission that is not momentary and fleeting but rather the mission of the generation: Aliyah and settlement of the south and the Negev. We can achieve it if we use both qualities with which we have been blessed: pioneering and science…”

David Ben Gurion

Over 2500 engineers work at approximately 70 companies residing in the park.

82% of the park’s employees are residents of the Negev.

7,000 servicewomen and servicemen of the IDF’s technological units are moving to the park.

More than 20,000 students and researchers inhabit the adjacent Ben Gurion University.