The Vision

Benefiting from its ideal strategic location in Be’er-Sheva, the capital of the Negev, Gav-Yam Negev Park will soon be established as Israel’s leading R&D center, including hi-tech complexes and offices on a hectare site with over 200,000m² of research and office space.

This park is the modern expression of David Ben-Gurion’s vision and the fruitful result of cooperation between the leading forces in academia, R&D, technology, business, and industry designed and built to the highest standards in Israel and around the world.

"In my opinion, there is one mission that is not of any one moment,
but of a generation: Immigration to Israel and the revival of the Negev.
We can achieve this through two of the qualities with which we are blessed:
a pioneering spirit and scientific excellence..."

(David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s First Prime Minister)