עיריית באר שבע לוגו

Be’er-Sheva, the capital city of the Negev region, is a metropolis of national importance in the fields of economics, academia and culture. The Be’er-Sheva municipality, in cooperation with the Israeli government, is cultivating the ideal conditions for success in this area:

  • Providing special consulting services for companies and entrepreneurs who relocate to the city.
  • Significantly reducing municipal taxes for hi-tech companies in the park.
  • Developing intercity and intracity public transportation infrastructures, with rapid access to the center of the country via Highway 6 and to Tel Aviv by train (50 min.)
  • Developing the city as an economic center and strengthening academic institutions.
  • Expediting building permits so that entrepreneurs can boost and expand the housing market.
  • Offering incentives to the thousands of students who complete their studies in the Negev each year to settle in the city.
  • Advanced, high quality educational system – winner of the 2011 Education Award.
  • Assisting employees’ partners in finding job opportunities.
  • Be’er-Sheva produces the highest number of engineering graduates every year (Ben-Gurion University and SCE College).