Government Incentives for Companies in the Park

The Negev accounts for approximately 60% of Israel’s total area, and is clearly emerging as Israel’s main drive for development in the upcoming decades. In light of the great density and fierce competition for high-quality human capital in the center of Israel, as well as the increasing traffic problems and skyrocketing real estate costs, the park presents an effective solution for high-tech companies active in Israel that wish to grow and further develop their reach to high quality human capital.

The Israeli government, the Beer Sheva municipality, and the management of the park share the objective of situating the city and the park as Israel’s new complex of opportunities for the Israeli tech industry. Beer Sheva and thus the park reside in an A-level development region, enabling companies that establish centers of activity in the park to benefit from considerable incentive programs provided by the government.


Some of the Incentive Programs for Companies in the Park

The High Salary Program

- A high-salary employment incentive program for high-tech companies - The Investment Authority at the Ministry of Economy provides incentives and significant subsidization of employee salaries for the employers.

The Cyber Program

Subsidization of salaries for activity in the field of cyber, in a designated program of the National Cyber Directorate

Decreased Corporate Tax - Preferred Technological Enterprise

Companies that meet the requirements to be recognized as a preferred technological enterprise are entitled to a considerable decrease in their tax rates to rates between 6%-7.5%.

* Subject to meeting conditions of the specific program. Programs may vary from time to time.

Incentives for Development of Innovative Technologies

Significant incentives are offered by the Israel Innovation Authority to companies pursuing development of innovative technologies in the Beer Sheva region (A-level development region).