National Vision

The National Cyber Campus

Following the government’s decree, during the park’s opening ceremony, the Israeli Prime Minister announced the founding of Israel’s cyber capital in Beer Sheva, here in the park. As a part of this decree, the national Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) center was founded in the park, under the authority of the National Cyber Directorate of the Prime Minister’s Office. This is the Israeli government’s operative center providing an umbrella of control and defense for all various sectors of the Israeli market, including energy, finance and banking, media, smart transportation, etc. Furthermore, in the framework of the National Cyber Campus, the Israeli government offers financial incentives for companies establishing R&D activity at the park. There are two cyber innovation laboratories currently in the process of being built at the park, for the fields of energy and fintech, the latter by the global giant Mastercard.

IDF Technological Units in the Park

The new IDF C4i Branch technological campus is being established adjacent to Gav-Yam Negev, as a part of the national initiative to move central IDF bases to the Negev. The technological campus is in advanced stages of construction, with the objective of concentrating all of the IDF’s IT, C4i, and cyber technological activity in an advanced and innovative technological campus, networked with cutting edge communications and computational infrastructures. The new C4i campus is set to serve approximately 7,000 servicemen and servicewomen of the IDF’s elite technological units as well as the IDF computer academy, and more. Construction on the site began in 2019, and the campus is to be active in 2022.

Beer Sheva’s Innovation Quarter

In 2019, Beer Sheva was selected as the ground for development of the first innovation quarter of its kind, with the oversight of international specialists. This project is a joint effort of the city with the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the National Economic Council, supported by the Israel Lands Authority, the Ministry of the Interior, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the Soroka Academic Medical Center, and the Gav-Yam Negev advanced technologies park. The development plans for the quarter include connectivity between the unique technological centers in the city as well as with the adjacent neighborhoods, resulting in a strong connection and urban renewal processes focused on connection and discourse between all of the various factors in the area, which will in turn contribute to the development of additional innovation communities and expedited economic and technological development of the region.