The Israeli Government: The development of the Negev is a national priority! The Negev is Israel’s place of opportunity. The development of the Negev, with the city of Be’er-Sheva at its center, is a top priority for the Israeli government. Activities initiated as a result of this policy include:

  • Increased R&D and employment grants issued by the Israeli government for companies in Gav-Yam Negev Park (subject to terms and conditions).
  • Establishment of an IDF Technology Campus adjacent to the park of equal size.
  • The doubling of train tracks to shorten the journey to Tel Aviv to 50 minutes.
  • Planning of a second international airport at Nevatim, five minutes from Be’er-Sheva.
  • Encouraging a young, well-educated population to move to the Negev.

The Ministry of Industry has established the Regional Development Center, which is active in the following areas:

  • Local economic planning, concentrating and creating databases to benefit investors and developers.
  • Creating programs for economic and employment development.
  • Removing hindrances and coordinating expedited work processes for developers and investors.
  • Coordinating development activities with the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, and other development agencies.
  • Providing marketing and investor support.